Purpose: Gassing product against moles and voles

Polytanol is registered by the BVL.
Registration-No. 005278-00.
End of Registration: 30.11.2016 !!!

Registered in:

Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Schwitzerland

Active substance:

18 % calcium phosphide

Classification and Labelling:

toxic (T),
highly flammable (F),
dangerous to enviroment (N)

Use: Polytanol is a granulate which is introduced into the opened vole tunnels. Toxic Phosphine is produced by ground humidity. The gas is slightly heavier than air and distributes itself in the vole tunnels.

50g, 125g, 250g, 500g und 1 kg and 5 kg tin

Polytanol P:

The "P" means pellets. Active substance: 25 % calcium phosphide.
The pellets are packed in a 750g aluminium bottle.

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